About Us


At Brixmarket, We are building trust.

We believe trust is the foundation of every successful venture. That is why we have created a platform where buyers and sellers can interact knowing that they are in a safe space. We aim to be a stabilizing and reliable entity in the real estate market. Our great team of young professionals is always working to ensure both customers and landlords enjoy a mutually beneficial relationship and experience.

What we do

Brixmarket is an online marketplace for real estate in Nigeria. Brixmarket aims to bring the best real estate deals to both buyers and sellers. We are making every type of real estate property from commercial buildings, homes, and estates to parking lots and shop self-space available for sale, lease, or rent.

Our Team
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Meet the people working to create a real estate marketplace you can trust.

At Brixmarket, we believe that trust and integrity are an indispensable part of a functional market. Our goal is to protect buyers and sellers and ensure the market is fair to all.


To connect landlords and property seekers in a safe space.


To become Africa's leading real-estate marketplace.

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